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Haiti Trip #2: Haitian Pastors Prayed for God to Do Whatever He Needed – Would I?

Would you really pray for God to do whatever He needed to do in order to glorify Himself?

From my limited perspective, the answer would be yes, but . . .

Yes, God, I’d love for you to do whatever it took for you to glorify yourself . . .

  • but please don’t remove my comfort.
  • but please don’t make me suffer.
  • but please make it fit into my plan, my life my schedule.

Am I way off on this?  Here’s how this relates to Haiti:

We were told a story of several Haitian pastors who began gathering in November of 2009 to pray for Haiti.  And they prayed. Feverishly.  Fervently.  Specifically, they prayed God would SHAKE the things that needed to be SHAKEN.  And about forty days into their praying, they got an answer.

The earthquake struck in January 2010.  Over 300,000 people perished.  And the church of Haiti united.  And that night in the suffering hymns of the Christian faith audibly rolled from one end of the suffering to the other in sweet trust and bold praise.

In November of 2009 I rejoiced that the Yankees had just won the World Series.  In November of 2009 the pastors in Haiti began seeking the Lord and asking Him to do whatever was needed to SHAKE their nation.

Would you pray the same way?  Would I? Somehow my prayer life will not be the same after hearing this story . . . will yours?


  1. Michelle shared this story with me…definitely a goosebumps moment. We truly can not comprehend His power.

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