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Friday Link Highlight: The Best Thing To Do For Your Pastor

Here is this week’s most clicked link (by far) from Monday’s post:

The best thing you can do for your pastor.

As you read, how do you react?  Here are a few thoughts:

1. Pray against contentment.

I like the thoughts about Paul asking for prayer.  He had every reason to be content as the Lord was using him in powerful ways.  But he asks for prayer nonetheless.  Amazing.  It is my heart’s cry to resist contentment at every level. But that takes lots of prayer.

2. Pray for desperation.

Pray that your pastor would be restless, striving to serve to the best of his capacities and teach, train, and lead the flock  under his care with a hint of desperation.  Again, these are big, bold words.  Pray your pastor would want to live up to them.

3. Let your pastor know how you’re praying!

It’s very encouraging for anyone to hear someone is praying for them.  It’s Biblical and it’s real.  Pastors do their best to encourage and to let folks know they are in their thoughts and prayers.  It would be awesome for your pastor to know how you are praying for him – and one of the five ways listed at the bottom of this article is a great way to start!

Have a great Friday everyone.

In Christ,

Pastor Kevin

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