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Friday Link Highlight – Teens Waiting for Sex?

This week’s highest clicked link from my Monday post had to do with teen sex:

Read the article here.

Here are a few of my thoughts:

1.  This should give teens confidence.

I have always known teens who planned on delaying sex until marriage.  A study such as this should give young people the confidence to know that “not everyone is doing it”.  Parents, let your teens read this and encourage them that marriage is the best place for sexual activity.

2.  It almost flies in the face of culture.

It seems as if a lot of money is thrown in the face of young people to sell them on sex.  It is very interesting to me to hear that efforts to promote healthy attitudes about sex may be taking root.

3.  There is no comfort in this.

Lives are still wrecked, hook-up type sex still happens, and guilt threatens to ruin a lot of young people who have engaged in sexual activity.  The hope of the gospel is still that Jesus can forgive and redeem ANY sin, even one that may leave lasting effects.  We should continue to hold this hope out and point young people away from these temptations and toward satisfaction in Christ.

4.  Surveys are surveys.

Know this.  Surveys are conducted by humans on humans for humans.  They’re not perfect.  These numbers may be skewed a bit and we’ll never know the intentions of every person who answered the survey when they answered it.  However, even if human error is taken out of the equation, there seems to be something here worth reporting.  Further, it’s encouraging a media outlet published this.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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