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Friday Link Highlight 9.30.11 – A Great Article on Parenting

Here is the link that got the most traffic from my Monday post:

In many ways this article speaks for itself.  Here are a few things that struck me.

1. We all want our kids to turn out well.

Even if people aren’t Christians, most parents (not all inclusive) want their kids to turn out in some form that lines up with what they believe.  This is no surprise and it’s a great way to get thinking about this.

2. Humbly

In every one of the “parent traps” listed in this article, the minute we think we can do something better than God, we’re in trouble.  And all of our frustrations, failures, etc. as parents come directly from a lack of trusting God fully.  Read, re-read, and digest the list of parent traps in this article.  They reveal the way our human hearts stray from God in parenting.

3. Powerful Quote:

“If your children are still in the home, then let me appeal to you to introduce them to our culture. Let me discourage you from trying to control future outcomes by sheltering your children from the world.”

Parents can do a great job of helping kids understand the way the world works.  It takes wisdom and teaching and love, but it is possible to have a strong voice in the lives of our children regarding culture. We can NEVER make all their decisions or prevent them from harming themselves.  We can, though, pray like nuts and point them in the direction they need to go. My #1 goal as a parent is that my kids will walk in the truth, and it’s a goal I can’t accomplish on my own.

Have a great Friday everyone!

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