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Friday Link Highlight 9.23.11 – What Teachers Want to Tell Parents

Here is the link from my Monday post that generated the most clicks for the week.

It’s about what teachers want to tell parents.

A few of my own comments:

1.  Parents – education is as much your responsibility as the parents!

This can’t be understated.  Almost any teacher would affirm this statement.  If help, support, instruction, pro-activity, etc. are going into each child so they’re prepared for school, then the teacher’s job becomes that much easier.

2. Learn how to take advice.

Boy wouldn’t all of us as parents do well to hear others criticize our child?  And instead of getting upset and taking it personally, how good would it be if we weighed the criticisms out to see if they might help our children in the long run?  note:  I am not saying that teachers are right about everything, but at least they have earned the right to be heard without parents defending their kids at every angle.

3. Learn how to teach from trouble.  

Almost every kid will get in trouble.  Instead of over-reacting, I do agree these can be opportunities to teach.  And it’s not necessarily indicated in the article, but for those of parenting our kids toward the gospel, these times will be humble reminders of our kids’ sin natures.  We can use troubling circumstances to re-enforce the message of grace, forgiveness, and pointing them to the cross of Christ as their only hope.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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