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Friday Link Highlight 8.5.11 – Real Christians

Real Christians?  Glad you asked.  Here is one of the links from my Monday post with the most interest:

It’s about evangelical Christians, and it’s written by someone who’s not a believer.

I really do encourage you to read this.  Evangelical Christians can get a bad rap, but this is enlightening.  A few thoughts:

1.  How about a little humanity?

I think people on both sides (evangelical believers and those opposed) should start acting like the discourse is about human beings.  It’s much more difficult to assign labels and spiral downward into hatred when you realize people are just that – people.  And they’re people with real lives, families, hopes, dreams, etc.  This author has done a good job of affirming the good in people he sincerely disagrees with.

2.  It’s not all about scandals.

I think scandals provide some good opportunity to mock people.  I also think it’s unfortunate that people with large scope of influence within Christianity fall into scandal.  Can this be instruction to those who hold to one viewpoint or the other to realize the one thing that evangelicals will all agree on (Romans 3:23)?  Listen, if you think faith is a joke because people are corrupt, think again.  There are many ministries who don’t make the news because of scandal.  Further, there are some people who’ve fallen into scandal and been transformed for the good by it (see Jim Bakker).

3.  Do you know believers who live the real thing?

If you’re a believer and you do, emulate them.  Encourage them.  Learn everything you can from them before time grows short or the Lord calls them home.  If you do not believe in Jesus and you know believers who live what they believe, such as the ones described by this author, please know that it IS real.  And the people living out this faith are not idiots.  They genuinely love people because that’s what they’re called to do.  They just don’t get the headlines most times.

Have a good Friday everyone!


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