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Friday Link Highlight 8.31.12 – A Good Take on Waiting in Line

This week’s most clicked link?

A good take on waiting in line.

Some thoughts:

1. Perception is everything.

The same wait time was perceived differently by airport guests.  It does say something for people thinking through how folks experience the same event.  I wonder out loud what other areas of life would benefit from this kind of thinking.

2. I would dislike standing around.

It’s easy for me to feel idle when I’m standing doing nothing.  Walking to a luggage carousel at least feels like doing something, even though the overall wait time would be the same.  I’d rather take the same time driving around a traffic backup as I would waiting in it.

3. Uncertainty in waiting?

Well, one day I’ll give a big lecture about uncertainty in waiting and how I give that emphasis of this article a big thumbs up!

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