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Friday Link Highlight 8.3.12 – How NOT to minister to the hurting

You wouldn’t believe the stupid things people say.  This week’s most clicked link from Monday includes some unbelievable actual things that were said to a hurting family.  You really can learn from them.  There is also some encouragement regarding what TO say.

A short comment:

A couple simple rules . . .

1. Don’t say dumb things.  DON’T try to explain an unexplainable situation.  I guarantee you people aren’t generally looking for an explanation as much as they’re looking for comfort.

2. Don’t shy away from your friends who are hurting.  It can be easy to be uncomfortable and avoid the situation, but don’t! Your presence (as long as you follow rules 1 and 3) can actually be a comfort if you have a positive relationship with someone.

3. Say little.  Know the person.  Talk to them and affirm their feelings.  Let them know you’ll be there.

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