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Friday Link Highlight 8.24.12 – revealing Pat Robertson’s error

The link was clicked most from my Monday post.  As well it should have been.  It’s one of the best articles I’ve read all year:

As usual, a few comments of my own:

1. I am against prosperity (only) theology.

I believe God prospers His people.  I believe people need to be encouraged.  But our greatest blessing and prosperity is going to come when we lay down our lives in service of Jesus the King, who laid down His life in service of God for sinners.  Prosperity theology leads you to believe everything must be good when you’re a believer.  Robertson’s comments are a result of that and Moore did a great job exposing that.

2. Sometimes a bold stand is necessary.

The things Moore wrote were bold.  VERY bold.  And sometimes error needs to be called out – courageously.  Christians grow when there’s sacrifice in their lives for the cause of Christ.  And for those who teach little sacrifice, it’s not the whole gospel.  And for those who teach against the clear teaching of Scripture (as Robertson taught men wouldn’t find this woman attractive because she’s adopted), it should be called out.

3. Know the real Christianity!

In this day and age, the real Christianity CAN be found.  It’s not only people on TV and in politics.  It’s not what the media tells you it is.  It’s pure, it’s from the heart, it’s alive in our community in Kenmore and it’s alive around the world. Embrace the challenge of this article!
Have a great weekend everyone!

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