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Friday Link Highlight 8.17.12 – Shining the light on senior citizens

Here is an article this week I’d like to feature today.  Even if you’re not old, read this link anyway:

A few thoughts:

1.  How many of us would have thought about this?

It reveals your attitude about older folks.  If you think they’re stagnant and not able to change, then this article means nothing to you.  It’s a plea that will fall on deaf ears because you probably think they’re not interested in changing at this stage in their lives – especially changing their value systems by committing to Christ.

2.  It expands what we think of the Gospel.

The gospel is powerful. To hear a plea like this reminds us that the gospel is super powerful and applies to human hearts – hearts at all stages of life.

3.  Do you know any old people?

I fear younger Christians are too uncomfortable talking to older folks.  In fact, it’s one of the greatest things that a younger person could do.  In developing a relationship with an older person (either Christian or not), your perspective is bound to increase and you are sure to be challenged in your view of this segment of our population.

Have a great Friday everyone!

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