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Friday Link Highlight 8.12.11 – Cooking Up Dignity

Here is this week’s thought provoking link about a ministry teaching people to work:

Here are a few comments on the article:

1. I really respect South Street Ministries

Over the years I have come to respect Duane and Lisa Crabbs for the commitment they’ve made to the community and the ministries God has used them to begin.  Many changed lives have come as a result.

2. The need for jobs is something most churches in the city feel.

I wish I could find a job for everyone who was willing to work.  I pray a ministry like the Front Porch can make meaningful impact over the long haul in giving people skills to work.  And find dignity.  The issue Duane brings up in the article is essential to understanding ministry – building dignity is the goal; not being an ATM for handouts.

3. Read Eric Harmon’s comments again.

For those of you who live in the Akron area, people holding cardboard signs are nothing new.  We see a lot of folks panhandling and holding signs.  Eric grew up middle class and held a sign that said they were teaching people to work – and was still treated like a non-person.  If you live middle class, are these issues in people’s lives real to you?

Have a great Friday everyone.

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