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Friday Link Highlight 8.10.12 – Take a few minutes and learn about depression.

Today I’m highlighting an article about depression I think you should read.  Whether you’ve struggled with depression, or whether you haven’t, this article will help you learn and gain some perspective.

A few of my thoughts:

1.  Depression happens.

This is theological.  We live in a sinful, fallen world.  Things aren’t perfect.  Neither are our minds or emotions.

2.  Don’t trust the dark thoughts. 

We have to know the dark thoughts from God’s Word.  Sure, God’s Word contains some really challenging stories of dark times and dark thoughts, but it’s the hope of God through Christ which should be our sustenance.

3.  Sins can flow from depression.

Whether we struggle with depression or not, it is good to know this.  It’s good to know how to help others, it’s good to know ourselves.  There is real hope from God that can soothe, nurture, and water our soul that simply can’t be found in the care of a medical doctor.  (note: medical treatment of depression is often wonderful and effective – I’m simply saying that the focus should be on God’s ability to help us through).

Have a great Friday everyone!

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