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Friday Link Highlight 7.27.12 – Chick-Fil-A and the Irony of the Tolerance Police

Here is this week’s most clicked link, and one WELL worth your read.  If Christians (or otherwise sensible people) fail to stand up to this sort of stuff, these type of fascist thinkers WILL end up dictating policy.

Here are a few of my thoughts:

1) This is ridiculous.

Enough said, right?  Carrying this further, I guess those in favor of gay marriage would say I hate them every time I perform a heterosexual ceremony.  Simply not the case, and tragic logic.  We need to leave the emotion out of this, and start thinking.

2) Think.

Yes, think.  Stop name calling.  You and I do business every day with people with whom we disagree.  Every day.  And we don’t hate them, and they don’t hate us.  It is NOT true that if I disagree with someone, it automatically means I hate them.

3) In fact, I love people I disagree with.

Can that be true?  Ask the opposition.  But, I do and they have to at least admit that’s a possibility. Or do they?

Have a great Friday everyone.

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