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Friday Link Highlight 7.22.11 “Parenting Is A Calling”

No doubt this week on which link received the most clicks.  If you missed it Monday, here it is:

Motherhood is a calling.

Here are a few thoughts I have after reading this:

1. Bold

No, not just the typeface.  It is bold to write such an article.  Well meaning, well educated people will read this and laugh.  It’s just bold to write something that flies in the face of what so many people value.

2. Calling

Motherhood (parenthood by extension) is NOT a job.  It’s not FUN.  IT’S NOT EASY!!  But it’s awesome.  And as the article says, it ranks well below other pursuits which seem more interesting and gratifying.  So it is a calling, something God empowers people to do, and not as a side gig.

3. Christian view of children

When you hear others talk about large families, what is often said?  Don’t you know what causes that?  Did they intend to have that many children?  I fear that the Christian view of children may be the same.  Last I checked, I didn’t read in the Bible that the goal of life was to make things easier.  Instead, I think I read something about doing whatever you can do to extend the kingdom of God.  Let’s be honest – having, raising, adopting, caring for, and loving children is an excellent way to be active in that pursuit.  It should be encouraged and supported, not looked down upon.

4.  Some Closing Questions

What is your calling, at your stage in life, regarding children?  If you’re older, can you help support younger families who are raising children – how about a random giftcard for groceries or a night of babysitting?  Could you foster teens or younger children?  If you’re younger, are you waiting to get your ducks in a row before having kids?  Do you view them as an inconvenience?  Can you assist families who do have kids in order to see what it’s like?  What is your calling, regarding children and the kingdom of God?  What will you need to “lay down” to achieve it?

Have a great Friday everyone!

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