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Friday Link Highlight 6.10.11

Here is an article worth your read, one of the most clicked this week from my Monday post:

I’m not a Christian but I’m coming to your church Sunday.

This article made me think about several things:

1.  Have we really lost the perspective of what it’s like to be new to a church?  If so, I encourage you to intentionally go somewhere where you’ll be uncomfortable.

2.  Christian language.  I’m sure as a pastor I use a lot of it.  This article challenged me to think more about how I communicate and what I think hearers are actually understanding.

3.  Love.  Do we love people who are not Christians?  Do we really WANT them to be a part of our churches in the first place?

I’d be curious to hear any feedback of how this article made you think.

Have a great Friday everyone!

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