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Friday Link Highlight 6.1.12 – Six ways to minimize sin.

Here is this week’s highest clicked link from my Monday post.

How to minimize sin.

A few comments:

These are very good things to think about as we confront our sinfulness.

1. Defending is definitely natural.

Strive to accept criticism and accept it as something that can help you be stronger.  Especially if sin is causing the problem – be open for the Holy Spirit to help you learn about your faith.  A piece of advice is to try not to accomplish too much the first time you talk with someone.  Perhaps a loving confrontation can end with prayer and an agreement to meet at a future time in order to process.

2. How much of your sin do you hide?

Do you have a friend you can be honest with?  Is there someone who knows your darkest sinful tendencies, your greatest weaknesses?  Let me plead with you to pray God will help you develop such a relationship.  Every Christian needs such a relationship.  Don’t kid yourself if you think you don’t.

3. Exaggeration makes things worse.

The more important we think we are, the less likely we are to process our sin well.  We’ll minimize our weaknesses because we think we’re too important.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  In fact, the quicker we are to admit we’re capable of sin, the quicker we are to strengthen both our relationship with Christ and with others.

Wow.  Six short things.  So much to think about.  No wonder this drew a decent amount of attention.

Have a great weekend!

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