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Friday Link Highlight: 5.31.13 – Anyone who knows (or is) a young man should read this article!

It’s Friday.  That means it’s time to feature the highest clicked link from Monday’s post.  This week’s feature article has this idea:

Young men are to be challenged.

Please click on the link and read it for yourself.  Maybe you’re a not so young man, and it still applies!  I hope it does.

Here are a few thoughts:

1. This can’t be said enough.

I’ve heard Mark Driscoll make the analogy of producing and consuming.  Men should produce, produce, produce.  At nearly 7, we are teaching our son that entertainment is a small part of life, not the goal of it.

2. Older men should be influencers.

If you are an older man with any sort of example, be an influencer.  Chances are, young men are struggling with the basics of this article.  A suggestion: if a younger man pops into your heart when you read this, sit down with him and go through this article.  Find out how you can pray for him, lead him, challenge Him.

3. Laziness is a burden.

This is so true.  If someone is lazy about themselves and their work ethic, what it really means is this: someone else is going to have to pick up the slack.  You’re not paying your own bills? Then you’re expecting someone else to do it for you.  You’re not serving effectively and passionately in your church? Then you’re planning for someone else to do it instead.  Don’t be a burden.

Young men, be challenged.  Those with influence over developing and younger men, encourage them, teach them, lead them, and hold them accountable.  Above all, let them know they are loved enough to be challenged to be what God has for them!


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