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Friday Link Highlight 5.3.13 – Suffering has benefits!

Today’s featured article (most clicked from Monday’s post) gets us thinking about the benefits of suffering. It’s a great read — I encourage you to think through it.

Read the article here:

A few comments of my own:

1. Pride is a big issue.

Suffering can help us remember who’s in charge. And, depending on how we suffer, that reality can be brutal. But, when the pride comes down, it’s always a good thing, no matter the cost.

2. Think about your own life.

Has suffering reminded you of God and eternity? It does for me. The deepest and darkest times can be sweet experiences as God reminds us of his presence. Does suffering do that for you?

Think about which of the points the author made and which most challenges you. Give God praise for what He can do in all seasons of life!

Have a great weekend. Be challenged.

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