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Friday Link Highlight 5.25.12

Every Friday I feature the article that was most clicked in that week’s Monday post.  It’s always interesting to me to see which ones gain the most traction among the group of people who read my blog.  Here we go with this week’s most clicked link.  As usual, a few of my own thoughts below.

What corporate worship does for us.

A few thoughts:

1. Do we agree with God?

This is a big big deal.  Some people come to large group worship and only want to look good before others.  Some come trying to justify themselves, or to fit in.  This gathering, and Doug Wilson writes, is about agreeing with God. We are sinners.  He defines sin.  Do we agree?

2. Ask the Spirit . . . 

…to give you a right view of yourself.  Is that something we really want?  To know how God is viewing us?  Hmmm…

3. I’ve been experiencing pain and glory recently.

There is pain in realizing your shortcomings, your weaknesses.  There is also glory that the Holy Spirit will work inside you, communicate God’s hatred for you sin, but then also communicate His love and forgiveness because of Christ’s blood shed for our forgiveness.  How powerful – will you go to church this weekend (and in the future) ready for God to work in you as you lift Him up?

Have a great Friday and a safe holiday weekend.

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