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Friday Link Highlight 5.18.12 – some cultural commentary

On Monday, I posted the following link and suggested readers glance through the comments to better understand the culture.

Here is the link – it’s worth your read if you haven’t gone there yet.

Two short comments:

1. There is definitely name calling in here.

This is not a rational way to present an argument.  Please, if you have something you’d like to say, doing so without calling names is a great way to start a civil conversation.  Otherwise your motives are immediately called into question.

2. Civil rights?

Seems like many feel this is the great civil rights barrier.  The shortest answer I can give for why it’s not about civil rights is that morals affect society.  If gay marriage becomes the norm, there is nowhere to draw the line for how marriage will be re-defined.  I repeat: nowhere.  And the truth is no one knows the consequences this will have on individuals as a result of vastly different family structures.

Have a great Friday everyone!



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