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Friday Link Highlight 4.29.11

Almost didn’t get this done Friday.  Here is this week’s link of interest:

Think, for a moment, what things would be like if 500 people were slaughtered mercilessly in the United States in this kind of violence.  The media coverage would go on for weeks and weeks and months and months.

Why, then, do we not place similar value when this sort of violence strikes in Africa?  Because we expect that from there?

The issues are real simple – it’s about religion.  A Christian won the election, and the Muslims didn’t like it.  Flip a switch and 500 people are slaughtered.

Ask yourself as you consider this article: is what the U.S. media tells you is news really the news?  Is it worth some effort to find out what else is going on in the world?

Pray for those affected by this hatred.

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