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Friday Link Highlight 4.26.13 – Think about when it is okay to kill a baby.

I urge you to read this article linked below. It gained the most clicks from Monday’s post. It’s about Kermit Gosnell.  You can Google his name and read lots of articles.  I wouldn’t suggest doing so with a full stomach.  This commentary about his trial specifically challenges us with the timing of killing babies.  It is something you MUST think through as you think about abortion.

Two very brief comments. In many ways, the article speaks for itself.

1.  Spot on.

What is illegal seconds after a baby is born is somehow legal when the baby is still inside the mother.  I’m only arguing concept here.  I agree with Wilson, I think it’s absurd that our laws are like this.

2. This is really hard to stomach.

The Gosnell case is very hard to stomach.  It is horrifying to think about, but in many ways it is needed for our conscience.  It’s sad that this case is needed for our conscience as a nation, but at this point, let it be a crying out.

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