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Friday Link Highlight 4.22.11

Here is this week’s most clicked link:

A few comments to get you thinking:


I relate most to this story because I can become so quickly self centered when things don’t go exactly like I think they will.  Ever gotten irritated waiting at a restaurant?  Ever gotten short with someone?  Well if you haven’t, pray for those of us who have

Seeing the World

When we are being self-centered, it is difficult to see the needs of the world around us.  When we’re absorbed in what smart comment we can make, we can totally miss opportunities like this to understand what someone else has been through and perhaps show them some compassion.

Who doesn’t get grace?

I loved the list of people at the end who typically don’t get any grace.  It can be very thankless doing almost any job, but these highlight people who are always on the hotseat.  People who really take way more complaining than they get a word of thanks.  I’ve been guilty of this myself.  So who in your life needs grace?  Will you remember that the next time you see one of these folks?  Or maybe, even more personally, there is someone down the street who needs grace from you.  And more importantly, grace from Jesus.

But, we’d never know it if we’re too absorbed in ourselves.

Have a good Good Friday.  Jesus died – for you and for me.  Praise Him!

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