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Friday Link Highlight 4.19.13 – An example of Christian colleges becoming like the world..

Here is this week’s most clicked article from Monday’s post:

It’s really an interesting read, so,please take in the whole article.

Here are just a couple thoughts:

1. This really stinks.

No, really, it just smells fishy. The school doesn’t make it’s staff sign a doctrinal statement but fires someone over theological convictions? The last line of the article says it best – it’s the school’s problem, not the prof’s.

2. This doesn’t increase my confidence in Christian colleges.

I think there are very few good, theologically sound universities in the USA. I wish the rest would simply say they’re trying to be like the world more than they’re convicted about the Bible. When you teach evolution an have professors who proudly reject Scripture’s sufficiency, you should simply put that on your website and advertise it. That way, everyone knows you don’t really stand for anything and that a degree from that college is equal to a piece of paper that says you talk about God but don’t really think it means much.

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