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Friday Link Highlight 4.12.13 – Bad news sells better than good news.

Have a look at this week’s most clicked article from Monday’s post:

Bad news sells better than good news.

What does this tell us? Here are a few of my own thoughts, in addition to a well written article.

1. Human nature is to be attracted to fear.

The Bible says “Do not fear” over and over and over.  It’s real.  Humans are fearful people.  I think most of sin comes from some form of fear.  So, when it comes to selling news (yes, that’s what they do), fear will win.  No one is afraid of good news.

2. Bad news can be found in good news.

The article mentioned the truth that people living longer is good news.  But the media can find a bad spin by saying it affects social security.  Even think of the gospel!  The greatest news ever given to mankind, and some don’t like it because Jesus is too harsh.  Certainly the gospel gets bad press throughout history.

3.  There is lots of good news!

Read the article.  Find out the many ways our world is better.  I won’t spoil you with the results here, but I urge you to read it and find out the good things.  That is, unless you’re too afraid not to!

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