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Friday Link Highlight 3.29.13 – A Letter From a Lesbian to The Church

This week I’ll highlight the following article from several who clicked on it from Monday’s post:

An open letter to the Church, from a lesbian

I have said before I have a lot of difficulty on this debate in culture. PLEASE read the article, then see a few thoughts I have below.

1. I believe people with all kinds of sin sit in churches (myself included!). The one writing this letter writes from the perspective of a committed Christian struggling against homosexuality.

Note that not all people claiming to be homosexual really care what the Bible thinks. They don’t sit in churches and wrestle, looking for hope. But, I wish they would. The love of Jesus transforms all variations of sin, homosexuality included! The person writing this letter is brave and honest about the hope she seeks in Christ!

2. Does ANYONE fear others in church?

If the answer is that churches are places where certain types of sinners are singled out, mocked, etc. then that’s just ridiculous. No person should be afraid in that sense. We should be able to love people, tell the truth, and give anyone the support and resource necessary to live out a commitment to Christ.

3. What “not compromising” really means.

Please know that if someone disagrees with me, it doesn’t mean I think they hate me. Many sensible, loving Christian people are getting turned off by the “You hate us” rhetoric coming from those demanding same sex marriage rights. It’s simply not true and we can demonstrate that. Therefore, because I refuse to compromise God’s Word to accommodate popular belief, know that it simply means I’d give anything to show anyone the love of Jesus and treat them with love and respect regardless if they agree.

Have a great weekend everyone. Be challenged!

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