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Friday Link Highlight 3.22.13 – What “Good News” do you believe about Jesus?

This week’s most clicked article from Monday’s post has to do with something very important: the Gospel.  Next week Christians all over the world will celebrate the good news that Jesus died, was buried, and rose again.  Have a look at Kevin DeYoung’s article:

The Gospel: accept no substitutes.

Then, here are a few of my thoughts:

1. You don’t ADD Jesus to everything else.

Someone truly wanting a relationship with God doesn’t just keep on doing what they want and then add Jesus into that.  The idea is that Jesus is truly king of your life, the one who shapes all of your decisions.  He rules and sits on the throne of our lives, He doesn’t become just another God among many.

2. The Gospel is NOT designed to make you feel better.

But, it does.  The Gospel is truth.  Taken to heart, it heals, helps, and most importantly — it saves.  However, healing isn’t the main call of the gospel.  Believers are called to sacrifice, and this call must be understood right alongside the more outwardly positive benefits of the gospel.

3. Dying is living.

See, really, it’s the opposite.  We can’t make Jesus servant to our desires.  When we die to ourselves, when our desires are His (however difficult), THEN, and only then, do we live.

Be blessed.  Be challenged.  Have a great weekend.

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