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Friday Link Highlight 3.16.12 – A CNN Interview Reveals Much

Here is this week’s highest click link from my Monday post:

If you’re wondering how people think regarding the issue of gay marriage, reading this interview will help.  So will the responses of the pastor if you’re wondering how Christians think.

A few thoughts of my own:

1. Christians should be able to talk like this.

What the pastor doesn’t do is attack, or respond in an emotionally charged manner.  We need more of this sort of discourse in the public square.

2. Point people to the Bible.

Pastor Driscoll certainly did much to get the viewers of the show thinking about the Bible, and how viewing issues through the cultural lense can distort the teachings of Scripture. Hmmmm…..

3. Show grace.

Pastor Driscoll gave Piers Morgan a Bible, held his cool, and overall showed a lot of grace when it comes to this issue.  Here is a great example of someone not hating, yet rationally explaining why they believe what they believe.  I praise God he used this pastor to demonstrate some good defense of the faith while showing some grace t his host (with whom he disagreed).

Have a great Friday everyone!

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