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Friday Link Highlight 3.15.13 – Why you don’t skip the genealogies in the Bible!

This was a runaway.  This week’s highest clicked article from Monday’s post was on this topic:

Why you don’t skip genealogies in the Bible.

As always, I encourage you to read the article.  It’s short, and quite good.

A few of my own thoughts:

1. The humanity encourages us.

We realize God must come to us.  Otherwise, ourselves and the people on these lists would be utterly hopeless due to our sins.  Thank you Jesus for coming to die!

2. God’s glory is everywhere in Scripture.

The History Channel can’t get all of God’s glory.  No way.  It’s EVERYWHERE in the Bible.  There is no doubt that looking through these genealogies reveals how glorious God is.  How his promises were fulfilled, how amazingly small acts of obedience were reward in huge ways (that could never have been foreseen by those in obedience), and how humans aren’t able to stop what God wants to do.  It’s a good thing we’re not smart enough to change God’s character!

3. Our generation is included!

We are a part of these genealogies, in a sense.  There is no generation that is excluded from experiencing God’s promises.  And believers all over the world, throughout history, many with names we can’t even pronounce, are a part of God’s promises.  These genealogies give us a glimpse into how expansive God really is.  Powerful stuff.  Bask in it for a few moments, and revel in what Jesus has done – then, and now.

Have a great weekend!

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