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Friday Link Highlight 3.1.13 – Ministry is hazardous to your soul.

On Monday I posted several articles I found interesting.  This one got the most clicks:

Give the article a read.  It’s very short.  If you’re in ministry, or know people who are, this applies to you.  It’s very challenging.

A few of my own thoughts:

1. There is a need for personal feeding in all ministry.

There is no doubt that one who relies on the public aspect of ministry to fully feed them will find themselves wanting.  This leads to the potential destruction of the soul.  When the intentional feeding of the soul is neglected, it becomes starved, and the outward fruit of that won’t be too far behind.  So, all people in ministry should take care of their souls.  And, those overseeing those in ministry should be intentional (even pushy!) to make sure personal soul care is established.  Healthy ministries (and ministers) demand it.

2. Public leading and personal worship are NOT mutually exclusive.

I can speak from experience where there are times I have led and have benefitted greatly from the times.  I enjoy worship on Sunday, I gain from discussion about lessons I’ve prepared.  It’s a good kind of tired where you have benefitted from spending the energy required to lead.  People are encouraged and they offer additional insights. For me, when these things happen I give praise that God is working and giving insight.

3. Personally, I don’t dread what I do.

I look forward to Sundays, Wednesdays, and times of fellowship.  While these times are my “work”, they do often build me up, as well as others I hope.  Avoiding burnout is key; however, that comes from knowing yourself, knowing your needs, and doing what you need to build up your soul.  I hope, like the author of this featured article, you can be both publicly and privately filled.  It IS possible.

Have a great weekend.


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