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Friday Link Highlight #2 – Top 10 Preaching Mistakes

There were a couple of links that drew significant interest this week from Monday’s post.  Here is the second, sharing the top 10 preaching mistakes (in the author’s opinion).  It’s interesting to me that this post garnered so much interest, but I’ll share the link and offer a few comments.

Top 10 Preaching Mistakes

A few thoughts:

1. Our human nature is to justify ourselves.

It’s easy for me to look at this list and say to myself: I don’t do any of these!  That makes the day easier, and it feels better to say that article must be for someone else.  Pride comes calling, we don’t want to admit the hint of any thought of weakness.  C’mon . . .

2. For me, I struggle the most with . . .

Assuming and confusing (and probably all of these at times).  I probably assume too much knowledge of the text and therefore fail at times to give proper context and help.  Regarding being confusing, I have felt confused by my own messages some weeks so I’m sure there can be a tendency on others’ behalf to lack clarity in following the message from the starting point to its conclusion.  These are things I’m aware of and think about on a regular basis.  Other honest and helpful feedback is welcome.  Seriously!  I’d just rather you e-mail than comment publicly. Please e-mail

3. What do you expect of the preaching you listen to?

Don’t expect entertainment, a certain length of message, or for the message to be “just the way you would do it”. Those are mistakes we can all say we’ve made.  But here is the one thing you should do: come ready to hear God’s Word and apply it to your life.  Listen as if you are trusting the message has been prayed over and labored over. Listen as if you know the pastor wants nothing more than for God to use his message that day.  And even though it might not be exactly what you would do or apply to you in every way, pray for its application to be vivid and active as the Holy Spirit works among those who are hearing it.

Have a great Friday everyone!

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