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Friday Link Highlight 2.10.12 – Men Leading in the Home

Here is this week’s most clicked link from my Monday post:

TWO QUOTES that really struck me:

“If you want to preach the gospel to your wife and to your children, then die.”

How much more than words is the gospel?  It takes sacrifice, and this quote thunders home the truth that men don’t live for themselves if they’re serious about showing their wife and kids Christ.

“When Paul considers the leadership of the church he doesn’t first refer to a rigorous M. Div. program.” 

Academics are okay, but leadership in the home is for everyone.  And it doesn’t take a degree to do it.  As the first quote showed, the best education we can get to be leaders in the home come from knowing what sacrifice is, and living it out.  So men, don’t pass this role off to a pastor with a degree.  Learn how to lead and your wives and kids will respect you more and more for it.

Have a great weekend!

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