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Friday Link Highlight 12.9.11 – An Amazing Music Video

Here is this week’s most clicked link from my Monday post:

A few comments:

1. I love creativity. 

This is spectacular.  There is a separate link on my Monday post that shows how they made this thing.  It’s incredible how people’s minds work.  I could never have imagined something like this.  Better yet, no way could I have pulled it off.

2. This is a great picture of patience and endurance.

I would have probably killed three people out of frustration trying to do this.  It seems like a waste to me to spend over a year doing a video project that ends up about 5 minutes in length.  Craziness.  Does anyone you know have this kind of patience?  I sure don’t.

3. Jelly beans rock.

Yes, jelly beans rock.  They’re really good.  Especially the black ones.  I’m sure the jelly bean people love this video because it makes people hungry for jelly beans.  It made me hungry for some, that’s for sure.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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