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Friday Link Highlight 12.7.12 – A great simple article about searching and finding.

Here’s the link for the article from Monday’s post that got the most traffic:

How do you search when you’ve lost something?

This article is written by Dane, a friend of mine who works locally with the Navigators ministry.

A few of my own thoughts:

1. I can really identify with this – I hate losing things.

I lost my glasses yesterday. I get frustrated with everyone and I usually think it’s someone else’s fault.  In my case, I found my glasses right where I left them – on the couch.

2. Do we really search?

I wonder what it is that grabs our hearts.  Dane challenges us to think about those things. And then to compare them to Proverbs 2.  I happen to love Proverbs 2 because it really does help me to think about how I search for hidden treasures of . . .

3. Wisdom.

Do we take wisdom for granted?  I know I sure don’t.  I need to seek it; I need to desire it; I need it period.  And this short piece helped me link searching for something I need to find (such as my glasses) vs. searching for what I really need to find (God’s Wisdom!)

Have a great weekend.

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