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Friday Link Highlight 12.2.11 – Spoiled Children of Capitalism

Here is this week’s most clicked link from my Monday post:

This is really an interesting read.  I encourage you to take the time.

Here are a few thoughts:

1.  There’s a little hypocrisy in all of us.

Even in the people holding the “occupy” rallies.  Railing against capitalism requires using products of capitalism.  I thought this op-ed piece did a good job of pointing that out.  The bottom line is that whenever we are fired up about political issues, there is often some seed of hypocrisy which can be used to balance our argument.  Politics is tough!

2.  Selfishness.

It really bothers me to hear that these protestors are making things difficult for the businesses around the areas they are occupying.  This simply reeks of selfishness.  I don’t care if the protest is liberal, conservative, anywhere in between or anywhere farther left or right, treat people like human beings for crying out loud.  Selfishness can be a very powerful thing that prevents us from having any understanding of the plight of others.

3. How about a little gratefulness?

Are we grateful?  Despite its pitfalls, this is still an amazing place to live.  Our systems provide any citizen the chance to make something of themselves.  How about a little gratefulness for what that freedom provides, and how it was provided to us in the first place?  Family trees have gaps in them so we can enjoy the freedom.  How about when we’re passionate about something, we take time to remember how awesome it is that we have the freedoms we have?  Perhaps this will even the tone and add to the respectability of our passions.

Have a great Friday everyone!


  1. I realize that I probably differ with most people in my social circles politically, and probably empathize more with the Occupy movement than most. I do definitely agree that gratefulness is important. It is a shame that parts of the movement have taken to selfishness, violence, etc. The danger with something like this is to lump everyone together assuming they all have the same opinions (calling the entire movement ‘spoiled children” for example). There is something to be said about the US ranking 93rd in income equality and the top 400 Americans owning as much as the bottom 150,000,000 though, and I am grateful we live in a country that allows people to voice their frustrations (whether justified or unjustified).

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