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Friday Link Highlight – 12.14.12. Why aren’t we calling it the royal fetus?

Here is the link that drew the most interest from my post on Monday:

Why aren’t we calling it the royal fetus?

1. The point of this article is, generally, true.

I can’t say it’s true in every case.  But think about how this is all being perceived.  I unsuspectingly turned on the Today Show one morning early last week and this was blowing up all over the place.  Why? Because William and Kate WANT their child.  What would the Today show say if William and Kate decided to abort (kill, murder, hack it to pieces and suck it out through a tube) the baby seven months later?

2. Can anyone deny there is a double standard?

Why is abortion somehow okay if the pregnancy isn’t wanted?  Why can’t we clearly say we want to be in control of life, and that control revolves around whether we want the child or not?  In order to be consistent, we’d have to cover the news like this: Duchess Kate has a fetus and we will be overjoyed when that life begins at its birth.  Further, we’d have to wonder why a nurse would take her life over a prank call about a mass of tissue.  Anyone else see the hypocrisy here?

3. In God’s eyes, all children are wanted.

All children are wanted.  It’s amazing how good things can come when someone commits their situation to God.  Mary did that in a pregnancy with a lot of complications.  I’ve read some powerful stories recently about even rape victims keeping their babies (not fetuses) and God doing amazing things through those situations.  God knows our lives; we are uniquely created in our mother’s wombs, and known by Him even then.  This is true – whether we admit it and believe it or not.  This is true – whether we are wanted by our parents or not.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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