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Friday Link Highlight 11.9.12 – Is it CRAZY to believe in creation?

Every Monday I post a bunch of articles I find interesting and challenging.  Each Friday, I feature the one that gained the most clicks.  This week, something to really think about if you’re serious about the Bible:

Is it crazy to believe in creationism?

As usual, a few of my own thoughts:

1.  Why the name calling?

I simply don’t understand why the name calling has to happen.  I may not understand how someone can fail to believe my position in spite of all the evidence, but I’m not going to slap a label on them just for the sake of trying to instigate something or make them look inferior.  Listen, when someone invents a “crazy” category for believing the Bible’s teaching on creation, it’s simply not helpful.

2. Where are the facts?

I prefer to have an honest debate and let people know that I can disagree with them and still respect them.  Whether it be creation or other Biblical/moral issues there are relevant facts, statistics, and other arguments I think people need to hear.  I’m sure there are arguments others think I need to hear as well, but name calling isn’t a good way to present anyone with anything factual or logical that they might think about it.

3.  A sports opinion is one thing . . . 

I had a roommate in college who kept telling me Charles Nagy was a Hall of Fame Pitcher.  I thought he was crazy.  Still do on that one (in case you happen to be reading). But to file an historical (and might I add credible) worldview in the crazy category just because you don’t believe it shows me how you’re planning to relate to others – and I don’t want any part of it if that’s all the farther the dialogue is allowed to go.

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  1. Andy Flaker says:

    You’re right about your roomie…he’s crazy. I loved Nagy, but seriously, man….

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