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Friday Link Highlight 11.4.11

This week’s most clicked link is indeed interesting.  You may read about it here:

Seven reasons why Halloween Judgment Houses Miss the Mark.

Here are a few comments to stir the pot:

1. People know about judgment.

This is true.  As a pastor it is very clear in interactions I have with others that the human soul is aware of judgment.  I could give lots of examples, but for now suffice it to say that people are aware of the end of life “judgment to come”.  Inside of everyone is some sort of awareness of who God is, what He wants, and what the consequences are.  Don’t equate awareness with full knowledge, but the awareness is there.

2. I think the author is a bit picky.

There are people radically saved through these presentations, even if he doesn’t know about it.  Being confronted with God’s judgment is not a bad thing.  Acts 24:24-25 are helpful resources for how this may look.  Bottom line is I’m not convinced about the need for a specific order.  God’s love is presented at judgment houses and I don’t think there a right or wrong issue with how.

3. Reason #7 is excellent.

The most challenging way to share the faith is person to person.  Going to a presentation like a judgment house is good but should be followed up with person to person conversation.  Further, is person to person conversation something we’re really interested in, or do we rely on pastor, presentations, conferences, events, speakers, etc. to do the work of spreading the gospel?

Have a great Friday everyone.

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