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Friday Link Highlight 11.30.12 – Sex before marriage makes commitment harder

Here is the link that drew the most attention from Monday’s post:

Sex before marriage makes commitment harder.

A few comments:

1. There is a reason we shouldn’t awaken love’s desires too early.

The Bible commands against awakening the desires of love before their time. This is because the information in this article about what sex does is accurate. It should be saved until there is a legal and spiritual commitment.

2. The other person has NO OBLIGATION.

Even if you are living together, there is no obligation from either partner to stay. It may feel right, but either party may bolt at any time. There is no reason that someone has to stay with you if you’re having sex before marriage. NONE!

3. The best commitment is marriage.

It is the best reflection of the love God has for us. God’s love is totally secure, and forever. Marriage is a picture of that (although not totally the same as God’s love through Christ) which makes the security of the sexual relationship in marriage the fullest commitment possible.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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