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Friday Link Highlight 11.29.13 – Parents, Require Your Child’s Obedience

This article was by far the most clicked from Monday’s post. Whether new parent, parent of school aged children, or grandparent, these are great thoughts to keep in mind. First, read the article:

Parents, require obedience from your children.

After you’ve read the article, here are a few thoughts.

1. Don’t be afraid to say as a parent that you are learning.

If you read articles like this and feel like someone is judging you, the best I can do is tell you to change your thinking. You don’t have to “have it all together”. What you need to do is let wise people help you.

2. Yes, it is hard work.

It is very seldom (VERY) that someone “lucks” into having well behaved children. It means asserting yourself, sometimes over and over and over again until the child learns. This requires a lot of both physical and mental energy.

3. Keep the Gospel in mind.

Requiring outward obedience from a young age does prepare kids to respect authority as they age. But if they respect all human authority and reject God’s authority then they remain lost, apart from God in their sin. So, as you engage in the war for the obedience of your children, do more warfare for their hearts!

Think. What in this article is most helpful/challenging?

Act. What strategy can you use to put it into practice immediately?

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