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Friday Link Highlight 11.23.12 – Five Questions Wives Should Not Ask Their Husbands

Here is the link most clicked from Monday’s post:

5 questions wives shouldn’t ask their husbands. And, it’s written by a woman!

Have a quick read, then read a couple responses of mine for BOTH HUSBANDS AND WIVES:

Am I fat?

Wives: In thirteen plus years of marriage, I don’t remember once hearing this question. And I agree, it puts the husband in a no win situation. Why ask it?

Husbands: If your wife is asking this question, how can you reassure her she is beautiful?

Is so and so pretty to you?

Wives: Are you confident in your husband’s love to the point where you could hear him describe another woman as good looking? Would you ask this question because you’re jealous of another woman’s looks?

Husbands: It is up to you to make your wives feel romantically loved and appreciated. The more you do that, the less you will hear this type of question.

Look at the five questions wives SHOULD ask their husbands.

Wives: Ask them and formulate a plan to act on the answers.

Husbands: Do the same — the questions work well for you to ask your wives too!

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