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Friday Link Highlight 11.2.12

Fittingly, here is this week’s most clicked link:

A great piece about Christians and Halloween

A few thoughts of my own.

1. I’m most struck by the idea of sacrifice.

Coming out of a theater alive is a form of resurrection, and the only death was what was on the horror screen. An interesting thought to be sure. Our guilty pleasures allow this shallow killing to take the place of something deeper.

2. Should we meditate on this?

Christian freedom is one thing. Meditating on holy things is another thing altogether. This opens up a can of worms in the way we think, but easy killing (and fun) sounds like something that should give us pause. Seems like there’s enough easy killing going on in culture — why would we run it through our minds for entertainment?

3. Point to the real sacrifice.

If you’re into bloodshed as a Christian, make sure it’s first and foremost about Jesus. That’s far from easy and it’s supposed to be reflected in the way we live. There is real sacrifice demanded in our lives — because the Son of God shed His blood so we might live, enjoying freedom and hope in Christ alone!

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