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Friday Link Highlight 11.11.11 – Child Sacrifice Happens Today

This isn’t easy to read.  But, this link from my Monday post drew the most interest, so here goes:

Child sacrifice happens today.

A few thoughts:

1. We know “Jesus Loves Me”.

We know that simple kids song.  Their kids learn songs about ending child sacrifice.  Can you imagine growing up as a child with that on your mind?

2. Sin takes many forms.

I have had some interesting conversations with people this week about disgusting sin.  It’s all sin in God’s eyes, whether it happens at Penn State, in Africa, or in your heart or mine.  It really is all a symptom of the same condition.  We’re fallen, sin is in our nature, and Christ alone can redeem us from that condition.

3. What is in your heart regarding money?

Are you anxious about it?  Would you steal to get it?  Do you long for more than you have?  If so, then quit comparing yourselves to these people who sacrifice children with the hopes of improving their fortune.  We are the same in our hearts.  Different in our actions, but our hearts bear the same desire if money is something that turns our hearts away from Christ.

Praying for children in Africa this Friday.  Are you?

Have a great weekend everyone!

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