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Friday Link Highlight 10.19.12 – How to nourish your wife!

Here is this week’s most clicked link from Monday’s post. It’s a good read for both husbands and wives:

(Full disclosure, I have not watched the entire video, but the comments in the article are very good conversation starters.)

How husbands can intentionally nourish their wives.

A few comments.

1. I bet most husbands have no plan for this.

This is not a knock on men.  I’m just guessing, honestly, that it’s not something we prioritize.  After reading this inspiring example, perhaps we should!

2. Would you be afraid for your wife to read this?

Although I feel like I fall short in some of the areas here, I do plan to have my wife read this and get her feedback.  However painful the response, men, are we prepared for the results?

3. Wives, how do you . . .

For wives who may be tempted to read this and tell their man to do this and this and this, the question is the same for you: how are you planning to nurture your husband?  Do you know how to spiritually encourage him?  It must be a part of the discussion.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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