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Friday Link Highlight 1.20.12 – Some Great Things to Help Think About Tebow

Friday is here again.  Here is this week’s most clicked link:

The article contains five positives about Tebow’s prominence and five things that might give us pause.  Here are a few thoughts:

1. If every Christian could be so genuine.

Seems everyone believes Tebow is one of the most genuine people they’ve ever met.  How refreshing.  What if we could all be this way?  What if few people ever guessed the motives of us as Christians?

2. Conversation is good.

It doesn’t matter what the issue is, whenever something or someone Christian is in the news, it gives us a chance as Christians to share the truth.  There’s no work that has to go into starting a conversation.  One is already there.

3. The downside to the public figure.

There definitely is downside to relying on these public figures as the center of our faith.  If there always has to be a story for our faith to be exciting, then how exciting is our faith when there’s no story?  Bottom line is perseverance is one of the fruits of the spirit.  Our faith should persist and grow each and every day – through dull, flashy, tough, challenging, success, and everything in between.  So, use Tebow to talk about what Christianity means to you, but don’t rely on the public figure for faith in Jesus Christ to thrill you.  Jesus is enough all the time!

Have a great Friday everyone.

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