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Friday Link Highlight 1.13.12

Here is this week’s most clicked link from my Monday post:

The next Billy Graham might be drunk right now.

Go ahead and read this article.  It’s very good.  Here are a few of my own thoughts.

1.  Christianity is NOT a family organization.  Let me explain.

The future generations of Christians do not HAVE to come from families of current Christians.  New Christians can come from anywhere, any place, any time.  This is important, especially for smaller local churches, to understand.  It is naive to think that the current model of doing things has to be the way it will be in, say, ten years.  What if God gifts (yes, I mean gifts) your church or ours with two dozen new believers who are saved out of wild and crazy backgrounds?  Don’t we think this might affect what kinds of ministries we pursue and how our leadership might change?

2.  Part of the Christian journey is changing how we think.

We are conditioned by our churches, our past, our upbringing, our longing for the status quo, or any other number of factors to think in certain ways.  It is part of understanding humans – we think (generally) like we’re conditioned to think.  So, thinking outside of these norms is challenging.  But in Christianity, thinking outside of these norms is necessary.  It’s the story of the Bible and we live a dull faith if we let ourselves think that God only works how we think He’ll work.  We can grow much in our faith by asking God to show us things outside of our normal thinking patterns.

3.  Whom in your life would it be radical for Jesus to save?

Is there anyone you think is so far gone they’ll never turn their lives to God?  Is there?  Think about the person you know that seems farthest away.  And pray for them.  You just never know what Jesus might do.

Have a great Friday everyone.

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