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Friday Link Highlight 1.11.13 – Take a look at how social media influences us.

This week’s most clicked link from Monday’s post:

Look (literally look, it’s a picture) at how social media influenced us in 2012.

Wow.  A few thoughts:

1. I enjoy social media.

It is fun to look at pics, read articles, get information shared by people I love and respect.  Definitely a huge upside to staying informed.

2. I am afraid of social media.

I am afraid it caters to our desires to make ourselves look good and keep ourselves in the center of the universe.  In some ways we need to destroy how out of balance we can be.

3. It is fascinating to see what social media does and how it influences us.

I think the Kony 2012 was the biggest challenge for me.  That was definitely a big flash in the pan, and very descriptive of how so many people can be reached with a message in so quick of a time period.  Many of these facts on this info graphic should help us think about how much social media means, and how we can stay balanced in how we use it.

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