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Friday FEATURES 9.13.13 – Is Some Sexual Behavior Wrong? w/Bonus Feature About A Double Standard Society Accepts

It’s Friday – two feature articles for today.  Both of these links got high amounts of clicks, and since the topic is similar, I’ll feature them both today.

First, a great question from Kevin DeYoung: Is some sexual behavior wrong? Most would answer yes, but how do you determine that?

Second, Allison Flaker (a twenty something young woman from our church!) makes some great points about Miley Cyrus and how culture views men versus women.

PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO READ BOTH ARTICLES. They’re both well written and worth your time.

A few of my own thoughts.

1. How do YOU determine what’s right and wrong?

Really, why the backlash for Miley? Really, what’s wrong with sex before marriage? Or, why are deviant sexual behaviors wrong at all? These are tough questions that anyone should be asking. I would gladly point you to the Bible, which is God’s Word to us.  The one who created us has structure that we can live in that glorifies Him. Simply: right and wrong is not up to us. It’s up to God who created us.

2. Double standard.

The double standard (or unequal distribution of backlash, as Allison puts it) with Miley is that Robin Thicke’s song is very degrading to women and there should be just as many mom’s of boys upset with him as there are moms of girls upset with Miley. But, there isn’t. This is a challenging demographic. We should have great awareness about what causes alarm.

3. Watch where your values come from. 

The bottom line to me? If you’re taking your cues in culture from news headlines, court cases, or a teenage Disney show icon sensation, it’s not healthy. Those standards will ALWAYS be shifting. God’s standards will NOT shift, and they will always bring about peace in human souls and lives when applied with great diligence.

Think. Evaluate your beliefs and know why you believe what you believe.

Act. Get active and influence whoever you can with values of God’s special creation and his boundaries for sexual behavior (MARRIAGE!). Don’t rely on some T.V. star to do it for you!