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Friday Feature: Protestants and Catholics: Is the Reformation Over?

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Is the Reformation over? Good question. Kevin DeYoung answers the question in a way I thought was very fair. Apparently many Monday readers found the topic interesting. So, it’s today’s Friday Feature!

First check out DeYoung’s Article: Is the Reformation Over?

After you’ve read it, check out a few thoughts:

1. Knowing differences among professing Christians is important.

It is important to know what you believe. It is important to know what the church you attend believes. DeYoung’s article strikes at many key differences between Catholics and Protestants. It is not wrong or unloving to point out these differences. In fact, I’d say it’s unloving NOT to know differences. The last paragraph of DeYoung’s article emphasizes an important point: you can’t judge individual people by what a church teaches.

2. The Word of God is where I’ll take my stand.

Yes, I’m a Protestant. At the heart of the Protestant Reformation is the idea that the Church was not taking its stand or modeling its practice on the Bible. Search “Five Solas” and you’ll get the main themes emphasized by the reformers. After some basic study, ask yourself: do I have reason to trust sources outside or in addition to the Bible?

3. The standard is love.

Yes, it is possible to disagree and love. Our culture has that incredibly messed up. But let me encourage you: there is no reason to treat any disagreement with anything other than love. The fighting, controlling, excommunicating, and the like that has stained church history should be left in church history. Does love exclude telling the truth and marking out areas of disagreement? No. But, it should restrain the heart and negative attitudes we have toward others.

Think. Is doctrine important to you? Do you know why you believe what you believe?

Act. If you’ve never done a basic search on the Reformation, do so. Then, bear conviction with love!

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