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Friday Feature – A Great, Challenging Story


This week’s featured article will allow you to experience a great story. The article itself challenges on an always relevant topic. But it contains a story that moved me as well as the author of the article. As I heard the story told, I wondered if I was the only one moved. I’m glad I wasn’t.

Read the article and be challenged.

Then, see a few of my own comments:

1. It’s okay to be encouraged.

I think a lot of what drives traffic on the internet boils down to controversy and who said what about whom. Scripture tells us that encouragement has everything to do with preventing hardness in our souls and our view of God.

2. The challenge: would you . . . 

If you’re like me, you thought: would I have done that? Great question. Would you? You can answer in your own heart, but many many times I perceive myself to have some justification to NOT stop rather than landing on a reason to stop.

3. Progress.

The author of the article indicates he believes evidence of progress exists. I agree. I remain unconvinced that progress will come on the national or structural level more than it will emerge from selfless acts like the one described here.

Think. I hope you don’t need encouragement to think from this one!

Act. Find a meaningful way to contribute to progress. Maybe, if you’re like me, that involves taking a risk!

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